Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon

My Attribute :
A local player in Jakarta Indonesia.
Handle Shakehand.
Right handed.
Blade Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon 87 Gram ST Handle.
Rubber FH Donic Baracuda, BH Rasanter R47

Strong Value : Control, Comfort ST Handle, Medium Fast, Closed and Medium Playing, Price.

Weak Value : Packaging, Not so smooth like BTY blade, Re sale value drop.

I have been using this blade for about 2 weeks. and before using this I used a blade of viscaria weighing 90 grams FL handle and also used Zhang jike super zlc weighing 90 grams FL handle for about 1 year.

What I feel in terms of control, speed and ease in producing spin compared to viscaria are:
The control is almost as good and this is the power of the blade because its control is high.
Speed is still faster DOTC.
Spin is almost the same, I find it easier to produce spin with heavier weights using DOTC.

With this blade short serve is also easy as well as viscaria, and doing looping is also easy. Indeed this blade is similar to viscaria but its advantages in my opinion is in terms of faster speed and the sensation of hitting the ball in producing spin with a heavier weight of course with the same swing speed and strength.

Blade is made with excellent quality of course its durability also I think will be good and durable, as long as the storage is also good. so I think the endurance will be good and good like the woods I’ve used.

Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon

Conclusion :
I highly recommend this wood.
Suitable for arylate carbon lovers who want to feel the sensation of donic blade. This ST handles are also very comfortable and very good, my hands feel fit and do not cause blisters. including light blades that can be combined with a rather heavy rubber.

The quality of manufacture is also very good, smooth and precise, love it!! Only the cardboard does not change, so looks cardboard outdated, less interesting.
High-quality blades and equivalent opponents for Butterfly blade of course with Arylate Carbon, with a very competitive price would certainly be an attractive choice.

This is re upload, my original upload was in 22 January 2018.

Now im using different setup.

Best Regard’s

By Adinda Cakraningrat

Table Tennis Enthusiastic & Practioners

7 thoughts on “Review Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon”
  1. Its not about the quality or brands to what your equipment is being used now, but It is in term of your commitment to support your games like How many times you practice your physical endurance , multiball training, service training,,, evrything depends to your commitment with low price . Equipment is only 10% to secure your games and 90 % is your commitment to practice or explore your skil.
    Stop dreaming of high price blade or rubber, lets remind each other to practice more and fullfill our commitment to be the best table tennis player by your outstanding skill….. good luck , Gani Agung

    1. Thank you for your kind support and sharing your thought. Pleased to advice. Kindly to play with me again some day.

      Good luck.

  2. Good review..
    I was TB ALC user for 3 years until someone recommend me to try this DOTC blade.

    Early 2018 , I Bought this blade, put rubbers FH Donic Acuda P1 Turbo and BH Baracuda.

    Try for stroke, block, spin, chop and play. Evidently, this blade better for me than TB ALC. ( TB ALC blades be off duty 😊)
    Feel, speed and control fit with me

    After as user a year more, 2 sets DOTC with FH Xiom Omega 7 Euro and BH Xiom Omega 7 Pro is the best for me.( I don’t know for next..hahaha)

    1. Lovely, noce to hear. Id like to know what next. Im sure you like the taste like TB ALC and DOTC, im sure. Kindly hear from you.

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